every time I watch Vikings it’s like god travis fimmel can get it” but then I remember his Calvin Klein days and nooooope

tumblr’s so exhausting sometimes

posts I actually saw today include:

  • a leftist saying that if you take out the whole Holocaust thing Hitler was actually a pretty admirable guy
  • a conservative saying that because of above post if you’re a leftist you obviously love Hitler
  • someone using the incident of the 700 migrants who drowned as a platform to launch into a “close the borders” rant
  • a picture of some palace or mansion or museum (because they all look the same) that said This Is Not Africa and We should be proud to be European
  • yet another “Italians aren’t white”/ the-olive-garden-is-as-bad-as-white-people-in-war-bonnets post (come se dice “special snowflake” in italiano? lol)
  • "stop saying Islamophobia is racist, muslim isn’t a race" omg you CLEARLY missed the point
  • "it’s only natural to breed with your ‘own people’ i’m not racist"
  • "there’s no such thing as moderate Islam" also "islamofascists" wtf? (by the way this was reblogged by someone who frequently blogs about their love of Sicily/Sicilians but apparently knows nothing about their history)

I have a dance audition in like an hour

wish me luck

that I don’t poop from nerves

I’m really nervous